Who We Are

Grace Sourcing in Tameslouht, Morocco

I'm Grace, founder of Yuba Mercantile. Yuba was conceived ten years ago on my first work trip to India. Although I wasn’t sure exactly what my concept was at the time, I was inspired by the overwhelming colors and textures of that country and knew that I wanted to pursue something that would bring me back. In 2018 I launched Yuba Mercantile, selling vintage and artisan-made home decor sourced from around the world.

My passion for textiles stems from my family’s roots in Northwestern Michigan where we have had farmland for over a century in a small town called Yuba. My mother spent her summers in Yuba with her grandparents in their Victorian farmhouse. My best childhood memories are of swimming in Lake Michigan with my cousins, learning how to drive a tractor with my grandfather, and eating my grandmother’s famous cherry pie. Yuba’s aesthetic is a reflection of my connection to Yuba, Michigan, and our home in the high desert of New Mexico.

Make sure you check out our vintage clothing store, Off Broadway Vintage on Etsy, and come visit us in the heart of Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM!

About Yuba Mercantile

Grace with Master Weaver in Morocco

We believe in the campsite rule compelling us to leave this world a better place than we entered it. Global commerce has the power to lift communities through increased opportunity, but only if the rules are fair. Power must be used for good, and change can start at a very small scale. Yuba seeks to be a part of that change. We sell products that are sustainable and empower the artisans that create them.